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October 5, 2009

Size Evolution of the Ozone Hole

Joe Mako left a comment on my previous post critiquing the use of bubbles to represent the size evolution of the ozone hole. I agree with what Joe said: "a bar or line would have been better." The only problem with using a line is that there is not a consistent time measure (1996 throws it off...yes I know, a minor issue).

So I recreated the data with two bar charts. (1) Representing the actual values and (2) the change from the previous measure. I like (1) better. How about you?


  1. In the bottom chart, why are the bars for 1990 and 2000 colored green?

    I think a waterfall would be best, maybe with a final bar for current.

  2. Current is in the first chart. The green represents a positive direction compare to the previous time period. Except I screwed it up. Only the last bar should be green in the 2nd chart, just like the first chart. Personally, I like the first chart best. The trend is very obvious.