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February 13, 2017

Makeover Monday: How Much Do Americans Spend on Valentine’s Day?

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Because I'm tend to forget Valentine's Day (I consider it a Hallmark Holiday), it almost passed me that this week included Valentine's Day and I had intended to use another data set for Makeover Monday. Fortunately we have people on Twitter to keep us straight and this tweet changed the theme for this week.

This meant spending my Sunday morning find a new viz and data set. A quick google search turned up this infographic from KarBel Multimedia:

What I like:
  • Color choices that match the theme
  • Simple title that tells me what I'm about to see
  • Proper sourcing
  • Nice description that include a question that explains what the viz is about
  • Donut chart works well here as it's only 2 slices
  • Clear labeling

What could be improved:
  • Why use bubbles to compare the sizes of the spending? A bar chart would be way easier to read.
  • There's very little context. Is this spending increasing or decreasing?
  • While the color choices work for the theme, this sure is A LOT of pink.

For my viz, I wanted to create a mobile version that looks at the historical spending trends in two groups: significant others and everyone else. I don't lover my effort this week (pardon the pun), but there's only so much time in a day. Lastly, special thanks to Eva for the color palette.

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