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February 1, 2017

Workout Wednesday: The Distribution and Median of NFL Quarterbacks

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Last week on my Data Viz Done Right site, I wrote about a distribution visualisation created by Harry Enten that shows the range of dates for snowfall at select U.S. cities. It's Super Bowl week, so I decided to recreated the style of Harry's viz in Tableau with the same NFL data that Emma used last week. Your challenge this week is to re-create my viz.

Below is the visualisation that I created. If you're reading this on a phone, tap on the image for the interactive version. Some requirements to keep in mind that are intentionally designed to make this tougher and to make you learn:

  1. All of the elements must be floating on a dashboard sized 650x650.
  2. You cannot use the Player dimension anywhere in the view.
  3. Match my colors including the background
  4. Create the legend (HINT: It's not an image)
  5. Match the tooltip (Note the stats that are displayed in the tooltip. This will be a bit tricky. Essentially you need to count the number of players that are contained within each band.)
  6. The viz should update based on the stat selected. The user should be able to choose between: Attempts, Completions, Interceptions, Touchdowns, and Yards
  7. The title should update dynamically based on the stat the user selects.
  8. Optional: Use Montserrat font (you can download it from Google fonts)

If you have any questions or get stuck, either leave a comment on this post or tweet me. Good luck!

1 comment :

  1. Hi andy,

    I need your help in getting CY vs PY % change using LOD when Fiscal year start in month of April.
    i saw your video it works good if fiscal yr starts in janand need help when it starts in April.

    Raghavender Allam