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March 20, 2017

Makeover Monday: The Giant Killers of the NCAA Tournament

It's March Madness time and Eva found a great viz to makeover from Business Insider. By great, I mean terrible, as in great for Makeover Monday.

What works well?

  • Years are in order
  • Nothing else

What doesn't work well?
  • It makes no sense whatsoever to add up the seeds.
  • There is no consistency in the coloring of the bars.
  • The text call out in the middle has nothing to do with the chart.
  • It's way too busy.
  • I have to rotate my head sideways to read the years.

For my view, I wanted to focus on the upsets because that's what makes the NCAA Tournament so exciting! Cinderella can make it to the ball and often does. I went with American Typewriter for the font to make it look more like a newspaper headline. The regions are ordered geographically (thanks for the feedback Eva).


  1. the only problem with using region is that it's arbitrary. North Carolina has played in all four regions.

    1. Yeah, I know that, but I had to organize them somehow.

    2. fair enough :) looks great