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March 13, 2017

Makeover Monday: Who Has the Best Orgasm Frequency?

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Interesting topic this week for Makeover Monday...orgasms! I mean, who doesn't like a good orgasm? Well according to the data, women aren't having them frequently enough. But isn't that the mystery men have been trying to solve since the beginning of time?

Let's take a quick look at the original viz by Anna Vital, an information designer based in San Francisco.

What works well?
  • Orange text on the dark purple background
  • Title captures your attention
  • Using icons for the relationship type
  • Nice big numbers
  • Bed icon that looks like it has shooting stars coming out of it
  • Metrics are sorted
  • Including references to the data source
  • Simple, organized layout

What doesn't work well?
  • Bed icons are partially shaded, which makes it tough to know the exact amount each bed is shaded. However, including the large numbers helps offset this weakness.
  • Light purple is really hard to read
  • Could use a better title; this one captures our attention because it's about sex
  • Should the icons that are shaded as out of the range still have the fireworks coming out of them?
  • Sorting from worst to best; I would sort the other way around to emphasize the positive

To understand the data better, I read the abstract from the original study. This helped me understand the points I wanted to highlight. I thought about creating a waffle charts, however, I wanted the viz to look more like an infographic, so I switched to 100 bed shapes. These are then highlighted based on the orgasm rate for the group.

I liked Anna's big numbers, so I've include those as well. Instead of using male/female icons in different collections, I used icons from Lastly, I included some of the text highlights from the study extract to provide additional context.

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