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May 10, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Product Spread Treemap - Part 2

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Workout Wednesday week 19 builds upon the challenge from week 17, so if you haven't done that one yet, don't worry. Many of the requirements of that challenge are repeated in this challenge.

CAUTION: This took me the better part of two days to figure out. Don't let that scare you though; I'm fairly sure there's a much simpler way that I missed because I got so deep into it.

Use this data source to build this treemap. The idea is to be able to count how many regions each product sells in, to highlight the region those products sell in and to include the regions in the tooltip. Here are the requirements (several are repeats from week 17):

  1. Dashboard needs to be 850x700
  2. Include a summary table at the top right that shows the number and % of products that sell in each region. 
  3. Match the color-coding and text of the table.
  4. Create a treemap that segments the products by the number of regions it sells in.
  5. Match the tooltips in the treemap. NOTE: The tooltip contains a list of the regions that each product sells in.
  6. Create a parameter that includes the list of regions and it should highlight the products that sell in the selected region. 
  7. Products that do not sell in the selected region should be the same color as the segment, but a lighter shade.
  8. Match the caption on the treemap.

Remember to post a picture on Twitter with the hashtag #WorkoutWednesday and tag me (@VizWizBI) and Emma (@EmmaWhyte). Good luck! 

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