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May 3, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Appearing & Disappearing Charts

That Emma can be quite sneaky! The challenge for Workout Wednesday week 18 was to use a series of icons to display a chart. Each icon displays a different chart and when unclicked, the chart should go away.

You can find the requirements over on Emma's blog. Here's my solution as a GIF:

The showing/hiding of the charts was pretty straightforward. My data doesn't match Emma's exactly despite using the same data source. I think maybe there's a join or data source filter on hers, but that's not really the point of this exercise. I also used different icons because I couldn't find the ones she used.

I won't give any hints as to how I did this so that you can do it on your own. I implemented this trick differently than Emma and both of our workbooks are downloadable if you care to have a look after you give it a try. Here's my Tableau dashboard.


  1. Took your workbook as a template for the icons/viz's b/c well I'm lazy...then used a method I picked up awhile back for fixing the double click of icons after one has been selected. This is a better user interaction to just flip through the icons without having to unselect.

  2. Hi Andy, I don't know how to build such a viz. Would you have any reading to recommend so that I learn how to do it ?

    1. Try to reverse engineer it. That’ll help you learn more than reading about it.