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May 31, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Wine Tasting Is Harder Than It Looks

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Emma confirmed shortly after she posted this week's challenge that she was up to some sneaky tricks with the formatting of the numbers in the challenge. Let me recap the requirements:

  • Dashboard is 800*1000 pixels
  • Re-create Emma's dashboard as close as you can get it
  • Use a separate sheet for each of the red and white wine heatmaps and scores
  • The scores should be formatted so when it is a whole number no decimal places are shown. 
  • When the score has a half point, it should be shown to 1 decimal place.
  • Highlighting the Taster in the reds or whites also highlights them in the other chart

Ok, not too bad! They layout itself was pretty simple. It's just squares. To color them separately, since there is only one Score field, I created two calculations.

I made both of them discrete dimensions and assigned the colors using the color picker to choose the colors from Emma's viz. I then duplicated both of them and assigned alias names to use for the color legend of each chart.

For the score formatting, all I did was create a simple calculation that first summarizes the score, then changes it to a string, then determines if it has a decimal and if so, return it rounded to one decimal and converted to a string, otherwise return it rounded to zero decimals and convert it to a string.

I'm going to have to download Emma's version to see how she did it. We tend to take very different approaches. With that, here's my Workout Wednesday Week 22. Click on the image for the interactive version.

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  1. Used { FIXED [Taster] : sum([Score]) } and made it a dimension , this removed 0 as well.