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May 15, 2017

Makeover Monday: What jobs do young people in Latin America hold?

Today is a pretty big day for me and for Makeover Monday. For me, this blog post is my 800th since I started writing way back in August 2009. You might not care much about that, but for me it feels like a nice sense of accomplishment.

For Makeover Monday, this week is a collaboration with #VizForSocialGood and Inter-American Development Bank. It's always a special day when you can make an impact. Eva and I are also hosting a Brightalk webinar about Makeover Monday at 4pm BST today. Join us if you have a chance.

This week's makeover is a donut chart that shows how many youths in Latin America and the Caribbean are employed in different jobs.

What works?

  • Using a question for the title
  • People immediately understand how to read a donut chart
  • Sectors are sorted from largest to smallest
  • Nice tooltips

What could be improved?

  • Why are mining and basic services combined?
  • The middle of the donut is wasted.
  • The data doesn't tell an effective story.
  • A bar chart would make comparing the sizes easier than a donut chart.
  • Too many colors

For my viz, I decided to start by recreating the original in Tableau and then using story points to walk through each step of my makeover. I recalled this great post by Cole Nussbaumer in which she presents alternatives to pie charts. In particular I really like her big number viz, so I did my best to emulate that style. Simple and more effective that the donut chart for me.


  1. Congrats on your 800th post!!
    I can assure you that there are some devout readers that enjoy reading every article on your blog - I personally have your blog tagged on my homepage.


  2. Hi Andy,

    Could you please explain how did you manage to show the percentage for only the 2 upper sectors?
    (in sheet 6 you have the bar chart will all the percentages; but in the sheet named "3" you have only the coloured ones to show the percentage).


    1. There are several ways to do it. Via a calc based on the set or just select the bars you don't want to see the values for an choose Mark Labels -> Never Show