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June 13, 2017

Tableau Tip Tuesday: How to Replace References When Your Field Names Change

Have you ever had a field name change in your data source? It can be a real pain to update each sheet in a workbook one by one. Conveniently, Tableau has an option called "Replace References" that allows you to swap one field out for another all in one shot.

In this example, I demonstrate what happens when the data source changes. You could also apply this method when you simply want to swap out all existences of one field for another. For example, you want to change all used of Order Date to Ship Date. Easy peasy!

You can also watch this directly on YouTube here if it doesn't render below.


  1. Hello Andy,

    this is nice. thank you.
    We have a case where our customers are developing workbooks using a published data source.
    If we change a field name in the database and republish the data source, is there easy way to replace references for all those workbooks that our customers created in the server ?


  2. Hi ANDY,

    i have a date field,i am using week value(week9,week 10 ,week 11....)as filter,but I need to show the filter objects as (week no-week9).

    Is it possible?please suggest.

    1. A simple calc like "Week No-"+STR(DATEPART('week', [Date])) should do it.