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June 26, 2017

Makeover Monday: The Impact of the Global Recession on German Automobile Production

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Congrats on making it to the halfway point of #MakeoverMonday 2017. I don't think I'd have hadthe energy to keep it up this year if Eva hadn't joined me, so special thanks to her for her countless contributions, endless ideas, and infectious energy.

Life will be hectic these next two weeks. I'm off the Germany for 10 days, helping our German team with Zen Master events in Frankfurt and Hamburg before heading to Exasol Xperience in Berlin next week. This week, we're looking at German car production to make it more relevant for the #MakeoverMonday live sessions we'll be running.

What works well?

  • Line charts are generally very easy to understand
  • Including a trend line
  • Great responsiveness for the tooltips
  • Including the Year over Year change in the tooltip
  • Including a BAN in the tooltip
  • Putting the tooltip into a sentence

What could be improved?

  • Needs a better title
  • Remove the car icon from the tooltip
  • Remove the up and down arrows from the tooltip; they're redundant to the text.
  • It's pretty boring. What's the story?

What were my goals?

  • Find a story in the data
  • Create a more informative visualisation
  • Explore the data, particularly with all the ways you can create time series in Tableau
  • Keep the viz to a single worksheet in order to keep it simple
  • Give the viz a meaningful title
  • Use German colors
  • Get it all done in an hour; I'm really pressed for time as I type this.
  • Keep the idea of the tooltips from the original with the BANs.

Ok, that's it. Here's my Makeover Monday week 26 viz.

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