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June 11, 2017

Viva Las Vegans! An Iron Viz Entry

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Whenever Eva is in town we do our best to go to lunch together. One of our challenges is finding places she can eat as a vegan. So when the latest Iron Viz qualifier was announced and the data had to be about animals or plants I thought I would take a bit of creative license and create a viz that can be used by any vegans or vegetarians headed to DATA17 in Vegas.

This also gave me a chance to test the new web data connector from One of the data sets is a list of over 18,000 restaurants that serve vegetarian or vegan food in the US. I took this list, narrowed it down to Las Vegas, eliminated and closed restaurants and joined it to a Excel files that has the websites for each restaurant.

It's not anything too complicated nor flashy, but here's to hoping that practicality and usefulness is important to the judges as well. I've also designed it for mobile!


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