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December 20, 2017

Workout Wednesday: State by State Profit Ratio

This is the last Workout Wednesday from me this year. Emma still has one more next week. As for next year, we haven't decided what to do yet.

For today's challenge, you'll need two data sets: Superstore Sales (the one we always use for WW) and the hex map template.


  1. You are NOT allowed to use blending.
  2. Create a small multiple hex map showing profit ratio by state.
  3. Color the hexagons using the Sunrise-Sunset Diverging color palette
  4. Match the tooltips on all of the charts
  5. Include a summary heatmap by year and month at the bottom of the map
  6. Everything in the dashboard needs to be tiled
  7. Ensure there is no gap between the hex map and the heatmap. The column divider lines must match up.
  8. Include a sparkline of profit ratio by quarter with labels on the ends of the lines.
  9. Ensure there is enough space for the labels on the sparkline, but you CANNOT manually fix the axis. Make it dynamic via calculations.
  10. Clicking on a state should update the sparkline, update the heatmap, and highlight the state in the hex map. Mississippi  and West Virginia are good test cases to ensure it's working.
  11. The dashboard should be 700x700.

That's it! This is one of the easiest challenges this year from me. It's a good way to bring together a lot of what we've learned this year.

Good luck!


  1. Not exact, but its my very first viz.

    1. I had trouble with a few things like adding a plus + where there was an increase in profit.
    2. Lining up the column dividers
    3. My sparkline curve isn't as distinct as it should be especially the Q4 7% drop.

    Thanks for challenge.

  2. Link to my viz

    1. Hi DeQuan. I responded to some of your questions via Twitter. Your heat map isn’t correct. If a state doesn’t have sales for a certain month, the month should display an empty cell in the heatmap.

  3. Done ! I think i've managed to match everything ..!/vizhome/WW51_StatebyStateProfitRatio/StatebyStateProfitRatio

  4. Link to my viz:

    1. You’ve missed a lot of the requirements. Check again.