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December 6, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Position of Letter Occurrences in Baby Names

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I think you'll all like this challenge. It came about from teaching at The Data School and learning something new. I love learning every day!

Using this data set of names from the 1990 U.S. census (via, build the same viz that you see below based on this set of requirements:

  1. The letter down the left is the first letter of the name.
  2. Determine the % of total times that a letter appears in the nth position of the names. In other words, the letter A appears in the 2nd position in 27 names, which represents 2.1% of names starting with the letter A.
  3. The viz should NOT display the % of times the letter appears in the first position.
  4. The % of total display should be sized by the number of names in which the letter appears in each position.
  5. The scale should show at 10% increments.
  6. Match the tooltip.
  7. When you click on a letter/position combination, those names should appear in a table below the chart. The table layout must look like mine.
  8. Notice how the names in the table are small. This helps them fit better (but not perfectly).
  9. Match my tooltips on the names table.
  10. When you deselect a letter/position combination, the table should disappear.
  11. Create a legend above the chart that reflects the possible positions of the nth occurrence.
  12. Match the colors on the legend, which should match the colors in the chart.
  13. When you click on a position in the legend it should highlight that position throughout the chart.
  14. Match my tooltips on the legend.
  15. The user must be able to select the nth occurrence they want to view. The options should be 2nd, 3rd or 4th and should look like mine.
  16. The title must update dynamically to reflect the nth occurrence selected.

I think that's everything. If I missed anything, please let me know. When you're done, be sure to post your solution on Twitter as an image (or gif) with a link to the viz and tag @VizWizBI and @EmmaWhyte. To help you, here's a gif for how it should work and farther down is the Tableau Public version.

Good luck!

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  1. The function to set the number of columns on the Names dash had me stumped for ages!