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December 27, 2017

Workout Wednesday: UK's Favorite Christmas Chocolates

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Week 52 of Workout Wednesday is upon us. I do have one more challenge ready for next week, then Emma and I plan to turn the reins over to someone else (announcement coming). We're both kind of out of ideas and inspiration; some fresh blood will help keep this going and make it more valuable to the Community.

This week, Emma set out a challenge for us to viz the UK's favorite Christmas chocolates in a single sheet.

  1. Remake the dashboard in one sheet / view.
  2. Copy the colours - the favourite chocolate should be orange, the least favourite dark grey, and the rest light grey. You CANNOT use manual colours based on the chocolate name - it has to be based on the ranking of the chocolates in each brand.
  3. Label the bars with the chocolate name and the percent of people who picked it as their favourite.
  4. Match all the titles, tooltips and labelling exactly

Pretty simple set of requirements. For requirement 2, I came up with a different solution because there are two least favorites for Cadbury Roses. I chose to color both of the least favorites the dark grey whereas Emma only colored the last bar. I think mine is more accurate.

Click on the image below for the interactive version. One week to go!

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