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March 7, 2018

Workout Wednesday: Keep an Eye on Sales

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Let's all start week 10 by agreeing that Luke is mean. Just kidding Luke! Workout Wednesday is supposed to be difficult and this week it sure was. This was definitely the hardest week for me so far.

We had to build this sunburst chart:

I had built sunburst charts before (link) so I opened that workbook knowing that would at least get me started. Ok, I was quickly about 75% of the way done, but my colors were all overlapping and starting at the same spot. The requirement has them essentially stacked with a gap in between.

I tried over and over again, but couldn't get the calculation right. So I went to lunch and went for a walk to get away from the computer and do some thinking. To figure it out, I thought about it as one week at a time, figuring if I get one week right, I might have it all correct.

The trick is figuring out the length of each segment within each week. Notice how they all end at the same spot. That's a pretty big hint. Then once you figure that out, you probably won't have a gap between the colors. That part is pretty simple.

Good luck!

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