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April 23, 2018

Makeover Monday: Biocapacity vs. Ecological Footprint

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Makeover Monday week 17 is a collaboration with the Global Footprint Network for Earth Day 2018. They've been fantastic to work with throughout the planning. Here's the viz they volunteered for us to makeover:

What works well?

  • Simple title
  • Nice framing of the legend
  • Clicking on categories to add/remove them from the view
  • Super responsive tooltips

What could be improved?

  • Everything is very compact making it impossible to read
  • Rotate the chart and make it tall vs. wide
  • Reduce the number of categories to reduce the number of colors
  • Provide a total option

For my viz, I wanted to recreate what was in the tooltip of one of their maps. I didn't have much time so I had to get it done quickly and I really like the BANs and how coloring between the lines helps emphasize the difference.

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