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April 4, 2018

Workout Wednesday: Frequency Matrix

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This week Ann Jackson stepped in to provide everyone the challenge. I think she's been seeking some revenge and she sure dished it out. Find all of the requirements here.

Easiest Parts

  • Use sub-categories (HINT: Since it's a frequency matrix, there's a trick here.)
  • Dashboard size is 1000 x 900; tiled; 1 sheet
  • Distinctly count the number of orders that have purchases from both sub-categories
  • Sort the categories from highest to lowest frequency
  • White out when the sub-category matches and include the number of orders
  • Match formatting & tooltips – special emphasis on tooltip verbiage

Hardest Parts

  • Calculate the average sales per order for each sub-category
  • Identify in the tooltip the highest average spend per sub-category (see Phones & Tables)
  • If it’s the highest average spend for both sub-categories, identify with a dot in the square

I messed around with the average sales per order calc for quite a while. I have every number the same except for a couple in paper and binders. I have had a look at Ann's solution and I think mine is more accurate, so I'm sticking with it. :-)

Excellent challenge this week! Give it a try, but give it a REAL try before looking at someone's solution; you will absolutely learn more. Click on the image for my interactive version.

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