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April 12, 2018

Workout Wednesday Part 2: Total Products by Sub-Category

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Ok, part 2 of this week's challenge, the Jedi version, really sucked (requirements here). It took me FOREVER! I used table calcs for all of the calculations and getting them just right took a really long time and a lot of experimenting. Surely Tableau can make this easier for us.

Some thoughts:

  1. Getting the subcategories to layout correctly in a trellis plot was easy.
  2. Getting the labels above each grid was easy.
  3. Getting 10 dots across each pane was easy.
  4. Getting the stacking of the dots in rows was a pain!
  5. Luke has an evil side.

But I absolutely loved the challenge. I'm really enjoying these! My advice for everyone is to keep at it until you get it. Even if you're stuck, don't cheat and download the solution. That doesn't help your learning. If it's too hard, then consider skipping it; it might not be the right level for you yet. You can always come back and do it later.

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