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August 27, 2018

Makeover Monday: Which body parts are we attaching computers to?

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This week we're looking at wearable tech. I'm a big fan of fitness watches because I learn so much about things from my heart rate and sleeping patterns to how effective my training is. So this week, we're making over this viz from Quartz:

What works well?

  • The simple ranked bar chart is easy to understand.
  • Including the sources in the footer
  • Including labels on the ends of the bars
  • Choosing an easy to read font
  • Simple title

What could be improved?

  • I'm not so sure about the color choice. I feel like it's shouting at me too much.
  • Remove the tick marks next to each body part. The label is already next to the bar, so the tick is unnecessary.
  • What are the bars measuring? Is it the number of devices per person? The average price? This should be made more clear.

What I did

  • Since I'm an avid runner that has gone through multiple devices and brands, I wanted to focus on the most popular watch brands.
  • The number of devices didn't help because each company has a different amount of diversity in their product line.
  • When I'm looking for a new watch, I start shopping by price since I know my budget. For this makeover, I focused on average price.
  • I liked the idea of the original bar chart, so I created a bar chart.
  • I sent the viz to Eva because I was struggling with the title and she sent me back the headline WATCH THE PRICE.

With that, here's my Makeover Monday week 35.

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