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December 13, 2019

The Great Workbook of Table Calcs, LODs, and Actions

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I have been keeping a "master" workbook of many of the exercises I use to teach at The Data School, particularly when we get into advanced topics like table calculations, level of detail expressions, set actions, parameter actions, parameters, etc. I started this workbook a few cohorts ago, so surely there are tons more that I have forgotten. Tooltips aren't always formatted, cards are removed, and that's not the point. The calculations are the meat of this workbook.

I've decided to share these with you, the Community, so that you can learn right along with the DSers. As of this writing, there are 61 examples in the workbook. As I add more, I'll re-publish the workbook.

You are welcome to use this in any way you please. However, please cite me as a source if you do; that's only fair. I would recommend you try to rebuild these examples before looking at the solution; you'll learn way more that way. The examples at the start of the workbook tend to be simpler, so start there and progress your way through. These aren't necessarily "perfect" solutions (there isn't a perfect solution), but they solve the puzzle we were seeking to solve.

And the name? It is inspired by the Big Book of Dashboards. I've always loved the name of that book! This workbook should be a good companion to the Tableau Visual Vocabulary I created in July 2018.

Enjoy! Now go learn!

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