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October 1, 2020

#WorkoutWednesday 2020 Week 32: COVID-19 New Case Trends

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As I continue to catch up on Workout Wednesday challenges I've missed, I'm picking and choosing those that looking interesting at first glance (and that I think are doable in a short amount of time). Week 32 was one I knew I could get done quickly since it was very similar to 2017 week 7. Actually, since the columns and rows were provided to use already via a CASE statement, the trellis part of the exercise required no calculations and no work.

The toughest part was normalizing the calculation within each State. The key here is to think about each State individually, find the highest value, and then compare all of the other dates to that value. I did this by putting each State and date into a row, creating a calculation to get the largest value, then computing the necessary ratio. Once I had that, it was simple to turn it into a chart.

To get the State names in the middle of each chart, think about how you can count half of the day in each chart. Then take that value and add it to the first date and you'll get a single date that's halfway across the date range. This solution will be flexible for any new data that would be included.

Some difference between mine and Luke's

  1. I didn't filter the dates; I decided to use the entire data set, but keep in mind that I did this several weeks after Luke posted the challenge.
  2. I created a mobile version as well.

And with that, here's my completed #WorkoutWednesday for week 32 2020.

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