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September 28, 2020

#MakeoverMonday 2020 Week 39 - Child Marriage Around the World

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Week 39 brought another #Viz5 topic, this time it was about children that are now 20-24 who were married under the age of 18. Child marriage is, of course, horrific and it's a violation of human rights. Unicef has done an excellent job of recapping all of the issues and why these marriages happen on their website here.

As I've mentioned before, I ALWAYS find these Viz5 data sets tought. I'm not sure why; perhaps I have a mental block on them now. This week the data set was three columns: country, female %, and male %. That can't be too tough...right?

Well, I sure made it tough. First, I joined the data to regional mappings from Unicef so that I could possibly look at the data at the regional level; I decided to use medians for each region in the end. Then I went into Tableau and built a bunch of charts to explore the data. I used chart guides to help me think through options and none of them seemed to make any particularly interesting insights pop out.

After about two hours of nothing, I got the idea of simply looking at the % of females that were married under the age of 18. I ended up with a simple bar chart, which turned out to not be too far from the first chart I created a few minutes in.

Here's the #WatchMeViz video and below is the visualization. Thanks to those that watched live and contributed ideas along the way!! It really helps knowing others are there encouraging me.

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