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September 21, 2020

Watch Me Viz - #MakeoverMonday 2020 Week 38 - Pick Up A Book And Read

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This week I went through a TON of iterations before settling on a hex map of Europe. In the video, you'll see me build lots of charts with time series, deviations, etc. before settling on a hexmap of Europe. 

Download the workbook here

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Here are a few useful links... 

  1. Geometrics shapes (for the default number formatting) - LINK 
  2. FIXED Level of Detail Expressions in a Plain English Sentence - LINK 
  3. TABLE CALCULATIONS in a Plain English Sentence - LINK 
  4. Shading between two lines - LINK 
  5. Daniel Rowlands - TWITTER 
  6. Daniel Rowlands (EU hex map template) - LINK

Click on the image below the video to interactive with the workbook. Or download it from Tableau Public here.

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