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October 3, 2022

#MakeoverMonday 2022 Week 40 - Income Inequality Around the World

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Of course, as soon as I posted the data set this week, the UK PM decided to backtrack on the tax cuts she has promised before. In my opinion, this is a good. But it kinda made that part of the analysis irrelevant.

Still, though, I was curious to see how the UK compared to the rest of the World. During Watch Me Viz (below), I started by rebuilding the original chart, which I quite liked. I then looked at the data over time, but it was quite sparse and difficult to do any meaningful analysis of.

So I decided to stick with a single chart that looked like the original, but it includes all countries and some filtering options.

To learn how I approached the analysis and built the charts, watch the video below. My final dashboard is below the video.


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