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December 18, 2014

Makeover Thursday: Average Daily Time Spent on Smartphones

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My dislike for the pie chart is well documented. Yesterday morning, Tableau Zen Master Matt Francis sent me this gif of a pie chart makeover.
Courtesy Darkhorse Analytics
At the same time, I was reading an article by Business Insider about how people spend time on their smartphones. The article contained this pie chart:

Here are some of the problems with this chart:
  • It's a pie chart.
  • Each slice is labeled with the category and the amount. Why not just make it a table if you're going to do that?
  • There's no apparent order to the slices. At least sort the slices in descending order starting at 12 o'clock.
  • In the article, they emphasize the top 3 categories, but they don't emphasize them in the pie chart.
I entered the data into and created this simple bar chart instead:

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