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December 19, 2014

VizWiz: 1 million pageviews and counting

Dear Readers,

I started this blog as a way to document what I had been learning, starting with a simple makeover of a pie chart.  1,949 days and 402 posts later, at 8:48pm PT on December 18, 2014, my blog officially reached 1 million pageviews.  I can't believe it!!

Image From
It's been an incredible journey. Thank you all so much for reading what I write. I love to write and I love to share, so blogging has proven to be a perfect platform for me.

Thank you for your comments! Thank you for your emails! Thank you for your phone calls! Thank you for your advice! Thank you Tableau for making the most addictive piece of software I've ever used!

What better way to celebrate than with a simple viz of my basic blogger stats.  Here's to another million!

All the best,


  1. Andy,
    Did you get the data from Google Analytics?

    1. Hi Eva. I got most of it from blogger directly.