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March 27, 2015

An Analysis of My Commute on Facebook's Dublin/Castro Valley Shuttle

The irony of it all.
  • I’ve been riding the Facebook shuttle to work for almost a year.
  • I’ve been tracking my commute time via Swarm check-ins.
  • I decided to drive to work yesterday for my last day.
  • I got my first ever speed ticket on my way to work.
I started building the viz below a while ago and decided to finalize it since I had collected all of the data I could. I would like to thank Anya A’hearn for her feedback on my design (note to self: Anya hates lollipop charts). I also need to thank Jonathan Drummey for his help in getting my time calculation formatted correctly (he pointed me to this post).

Anyway, here is my analysis of my commute to work on the shuttle. There are filters for the time of the commute and the schedule. Use the drop down to select various displays: the default is a calendar view and the other views are various dot plots.

Click on the image for the interactive version.