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March 10, 2015

Tableau Tip Tuesday: Moving Reference Lines Behind Bars

Almost one year ago, I wrote about how to move reference lines behind bars in Tableau by putting utilizing the secondary axis. For this week's #TableauTipTuesday, I created a video to show you the steps.

This is a neat little trick that I've put to use many times.

You can download the Tableau workbook used to create this video here (requires Tableau 9).


  1. Andy, it was a big mistake from KO to let you go!!
    I can see you have a lot more fun now. You are areal Tableau Master. I am still learning.
    I am helping them now on integrating RED with Matrix (Teradata) and have some challenges.
    KO IT has finally recognized the potential of Tableau.
    Best regards,

  2. Nice - another quick hacky way to do cool stuff!