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March 9, 2015

Makeover Monday: Alexis Sanchez Shows Angel Di Maria How to Shine

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Twitter follower James Pickering sent me this Tweet Sunday in preparation for Monday’s HUGE FA Cup quarterfinal tie between my beloved Arsenal and their arch rivals Manchester United:

This is the aforementioned bar chart:

At the initial glance you might think there’s not much wrong with this, but there is one major problem - the bars are not synchronously scaled. Look at the Di Maria side.  Since when is 8 assists 75% of 37 shots? See what I mean?

I’ve created two alternative versions of the same infographic that are scaled proportionately. This first version is basically identical to the original other than the bars are scaled correctly.

There are times when I find look at the bars next to each other, but going in opposite directions, harder to compare than they need to be, so I created this second version to take care of that. In this version, I show the bars above/below each other to make the bars much easier to compare.

Now that’s better! Remember folks, scale your axes properly! Which version do you prefer? Why?

I build these in Tableau, so if you’d like to have a crack at your own version, you can download the workbook here (requires Tableau 9).

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