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March 23, 2015

Makeover Monday: Who’s Really Using Social Media in 2015?

Back in January, AdWeek published this infographic with their predictions for growth of various social media platforms in 2015.

Wow! That's quite a bit to digest. So much going on, from the donut/pie charts, to all of the annotations, to the sizing of the pies by overall growth. This infographic has it all.

I recreated the data in Excel, which you can download here, and decided to build a couple of different alternatives because the design choices depend on the question that's trying to be answered. This first version aims to show which social networks are predicted to grow the most in each demographic.

Looking at the data this way, it's clear that Facebook will continue to see the largest growth across all ages. This view also makes the following obvious:

  1. Younger people are using Instagram
  2. Older age groups are using Pinterest
  3. Twitter is a middle of the road platform everywhere, which you could spin as a more diverse audience

The second alternative takes the pie charts and converts them all into more organized bar charts. The question being answered here is how is each app doing?

There's a selector at the top right where you can pick the view you want to see:

  1. The spread of growth across each app separately
  2. The growth estimates for each app

Looking at the data this way allows you to compare within a single app, compare to the total and compare across apps.  Which version do you prefer? What would you do differently?

Download the Tableau workbook here (requires Tableau 9).


  1. I have another candidate here. Pie chart, 3D, etc.