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November 14, 2016

Makeover Monday: The Words of the Top 100 Songs of All-Time

For week 46 of Makeover Monday, we take a look at this Viz of the Day by Chris Love of the lyrics of the top 100 songs of all-time.

What works well?
  • Simple title
  • Good references

What doesn't work well?
  • Treemaps are generally a poor choice for showing the distribution of the words
  • Way too many colors
  • It's impossible to make any sense of the words and see any patterns

I know Chris knows better, so I can only assume he was experimenting when he created this. Have a look at this Tableau Public profile and you'll see this is quite out of the ordinary for Chris, especially since he's a massive believer in keeping it simple (KISS).

I played with the data for a bit and noticed that many stop words were included. This led me to doing a quick analysis of stop words versus non-stop words. Given the time constraint, I didn't create anything too fancy. I merely wanted to know frequencies of words and the artists that use them.


  1. Really like this Makeover Andy, and it is far better than my original too!
    I wish I would have known about this, my Master Source had the Stop Words built in on another Excel Tab, just didn't ended up not included it in this source.
    Also, apologies on the "Word Count" column, that was probably confusing for people lol. I did it in Excel, so called it Word Count, but it is Word Position.
    Great job again, I really like this viz!

    1. Thanks for prepping the data set R-oh-dee! It was fun to play with and to try to find a story.

    2. Yeah of course! This is actually part of a much MUCH larger project I am working on. This was just a small step in it. Hopefully when I have things a little more put together, I can share it with you for some feedback! Regards, Rody