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November 24, 2016

From London to New York in 500 miles | My New York City Marathon Training Visualized

Just about three weeks ago I ran my second ever marathon, and it sure was a big one! In fact, the New York City Marathon set a world record for the most marathon finishers: 51,388 finishers, 51,995 people started, a 98.8% completion rate.

Like most runners, I love my running data! My watch syncs to Tom Tom, Runkeeper, Strava and Nike+. Why all of them? Well, why not? Naturally, I wanted to see how my training went. Was it effective? How'd I do in my long runs? How often did I run? What was my average pace? The questions are endless.

I'm also in the middle of testing a new Web Data Connector for Strava that brings back A TON of information about each run. Mix all of this together and you get a dashboard of my marathon training.

Click on the image for the interactive version (it's too wide for my blog). Once you're there, you can click on any activity and see the map update with the route of each run. The activity will also be highlighted across all of the charts.

And yes, I got the data from Strava yet I'm using Runkeeper colors. I simply like their colors better. Enjoy!


  1. Hey Andy, this is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. Did you produce this all with Strava? I'm currently using Nike+ and haven't found a way to get the data. Any thoughts on how to approach that? Thanks!

    1. Nike+ doesn't make the data available via an API that I know of. I used the web data connector from The Information Lab to create this.

    2. Andy so sorry! Just realized you responded to this awhile ago. I never got a notification. Thank you so much!