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July 12, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Insights & Annotations

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The week 28 challenge is up on Emma's blog. Basically, you need to:

  1. Create a map
  2. Create a barbell chart
  3. Have the map interact with the barbell chart
  4. Include an option for users to add custom annotations

Be sure to check all of the requirements on Emma's blog. I immediately knew how to do all of this, so it was a matter of getting it done. The trickiest bit was the year over year change in the map. Emma and I approached the calculations required differently, as we always seem to do. She chose to use basic expressions while I used LOD expressions. Her way is definitely simpler!

Click on the image for the interactive version. Be sure to post your version to twitter and tag @EmmaWhyte and @VizWizBI so we can see your work.

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