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July 24, 2017

Makeover Monday: Do you know how much water it takes to produce the animal products we eat?

Pretty straightforward Makeover Monday for me this week. Before we get to it, let's have a quick review of the original viz.

What works well?

  • Good title and subtitle
  • Sorting the products makes the ranking obvious
  • Including the label at the end since the axis is not displayed
  • Including the source of the data

What could be improved?

  • Using partial icons can be misleading; a simple bar chart would be more accurate
  • Shading every other row isn't necessary
  • Icons for each food are distracting
  • The scale is unnecessary decoration.
  • The story in the data, which is referenced in the article, is not alluded to in the viz.

My goals

  • Make a simple bar chart
  • Use highlighting for the animal products
  • Put the title in the form of a question that refers back to the article

With those goals in mind, here's my Makeover Monday week 30.


  1. One suggestion: "Bovine meat," "pig meat" sounds a little, uh, gross. How about changing the meat products to "Beef, Pork, Chicken" etc. instead?

    1. Well, I was making over the original dataset.