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November 1, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Customer Cohorts

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Quite amazing timing that the day Emma chooses to challenge us to understand cohorts for Workout Wednesday, I happen to be running LOD exercises at The Data School about calculating cohorts. Lucky me!

For the detailed requirements, head over to Emma's blog.

How did I find the exercise?

  • Designing the charts was pretty simple.
  • Create the cohorts was simple as I practice this A LOT.
  • This turned into container hell on my dashboard, so at the end I was sure to remove all the extra containers that got added along the way.
  • The trickiest part was getting the actions to do the excluding. Emma and I actually did it the same way for once!
  • Emma and I took a different approach to calculating the "Leaving Date". I think my method is much simpler, but both work, so that's all that matters.

Some things I changed

  • I included a divider line between the top two bar charts to make it clear they were separate.
  • I made the scales on the two bar charts the same.
  • I made my viz 800x700 so it would fit better on my blog.

Another fun week and eight more to go!

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