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November 1, 2017

Tableau Tip Tuesday - The Information Lab Zen Master Webinar Series - Part 3

Today was the final day of my 3-part tips series for The Information Lab. There are two more webinars coming up from Chris Love and Craig Bloodworth. Sign up for those here.

Hopefully you've enjoyed the series. I'd love to hear your feedback on how useful the video are and things I could do differently. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Andy,
    Loved the webinar series. Hope to see more of these. Could you please let us know how do add multiple reference lines if we have multiple target dates dynamically?
    Each category has multiple target a heat map we have category. Clicking the category filters the data for the that category on another sheet which has a trend of sales with the target dates.
    Basically showing what is the actual sales as of today and where are my target dates.
    Hope i am clear on this.
    Hoping to get a response from you.

    1. I'd recommend you post this question on the Forums.

    2. Thanks for the response. I have posted this on the forums but haven't the answer. If you could let us know when you have time it would be really helpful.

    3. Don’t wait for me. I don’t have time to help people individually like this. That’s what the forums are for.

    4. okay Thanks . I have posted on the forums . Hope will get the answer soon.Meanwhile I will try to pull this off myself. Thanks for your time.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for the incredible videos. I am hooked. Excellent presentations, awesome down-to-earth detailed descriptions. Please keep up the fantastic service for those of us struggling to learn on very limited budget constraints. You are my hero.