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March 5, 2019

Makeover Monday Power BI Edition: Births Attended by Skilled Health Staff vs. Female Life Expectancy as a Motion Chart

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One of the things I couldn't do with my Makeover Monday this week was animate the visualization. The animations is what makes the story unfold and neither Tableau Public nor Tableau Server support animation.

What's one to do? Try a tool that does support animation. In this case, Power BI. Scatter plots in Power BI support animation natively and it took less than five minutes to create this.

  1. Upload the data.
  2. Choose the measure for the x-axis and place it on the X Axis shelf.
  3. Choose the measure for the y-axis and place it on the Y Axis shelf.
  4. Add a dimension to the Details shelf to draw more dots.
  5. Place the dimension to animation across, i.e., years, on the Play Axis shelf.
  6. Add a title.
  7. Add a text box as a footer.

BOOM! Done! Easy peasy. Check it out below.

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