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March 4, 2019

Makeover Monday: Are skilled health staff an indicator of female life expectancy in fistula countries?

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For Makeover Monday week 10, Eva presented us with this map of adolescent fertility rates on Data Wrapper:

What work well?

  • Using a continuous color palette
  • There are no exceptionally large countries compared to the others, so a filled map is a good choice.
  • Normalizing the data to make comparisons across countries more relevant.
  • Using grey for countries with no data.
  • Good title and subtitle

What could be improved?

  • If there is data across years, it would provide additional context to the data. In other words, is the situation improving?
  • Make the title bigger; it's too small compared to the large map.

My Goals

  • Compared the metrics between fistula and non-fistula countries
  • Look at change over time
  • Figure out how to deal with all of the nulls
  • Be done

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