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March 19, 2019

#MakeoverMonday Power BI Edition: Reykjavik Index for Leadership in G7 Countries

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Data Schooler Hanna Nykowska create a viz this week for Makeover Monday that was quite similar to my first idea. I didn't publish mine, so I thought instead of creating my version again, I would try to recreate her viz in Power BI.


  1. Add values for the remainder (100 - index)
  2. Add a sort column
  3. Pivot the data so that the index and the remainder were in the same column


  • Creating a stacked bar chart in Power BI was quite simple.
  • Customizing the split of the colors for the index and the remainder was easy.
  • The viz layout is super intuitive and automatically adjust to the size of the screen while maintaining the original chart ratio.
  • The fonts look super crisp.
  • Simple to add a constant reference line for the G7 average.


  • I couldn't find a way to show only the mark labels for the purple bars.
  • I had to change the mark labels so that the values of the grey bars wouldn't be visible by making the text the same color as the grey bars.
  • I couldn't copy/paste into a text box.
  • I couldn't customize the font size for the reference line.
  • I'm sure there's a way, but I couldn't figure out how to color code the bars based on whether they were above or below the G7 average. For example, I wanted to make those countries below the G7 average a lighter shade of purple.

With that, here's my second Makeover Monday for week 12 2019.

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