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March 20, 2019

#MakeoverMonday Data Studio Edition: Reykjavik Index for Leadership in G7 Countries

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Yesterday I posted a Power BI version of Data Schooler Hanna Nykowska's Makeover Monday viz. Today, I recreated her viz in Google Data Studio.


  1. Add values for the remainder (100 - index)
  2. Add a sort column
  3. Pivot the data so that the index and the remainder were in the same column


  • To create the stacked bar chart, all you need to do is select the chart type and drop the fields on the appropriate shelves.
  • Customizing the split of the colors for the index and the remainder was easy.
  • I was able to customize the size of the viz.
  • You can choose any font that Google supports!!
  • The tooltips are super responsive.
  • Everything looks very crisp.
  • Hiding the gridlines leaves a nice thin black line on the y-axis without me needing to fiddle around with a few different settings.
  • The overall UX is quite intuitive. I see they have a data explorer now too.


  • I couldn't find a way to show only the mark labels for the purple bars.
  • I couldn't add a reference line for the G7 average so I had to leave it in the view.
  • I couldn't hide the x-axis only. When you do, the y-axis gets hidden as well.

With that, here's my third Makeover Monday for week 12 2019.

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