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July 21, 2019

#MakeoverMonday: Arsenal Player Stats 2018-19

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This week for #MakeoverMonday, Eva was ever so kind to pick a topic that I really enjoy...Arsenal! She did this to coincide with my 800th Tableau Public viz. More about that in a future blog post.

Here's the original viz:


  • A table is a simple way to display stats that serve the purpose of looking up values. That seems to be what the designer had in mind here. This viz isn't for comparing players.
  • Being able to sort by the headers
  • Including an image of the player; this helps those that are already familiar with them.
  • Including links to the player's profile

  • Other than this being used to look up information, what purpose does it server? It merely a list of facts.
  • There's no context for the numbers. How does a player rank amongst the team?
  • It's visually unappealing.
  • I can't find definitions for some of the stats. For example, what does "In Squad" mean? No clue!

I first thoughts about creating player cards with the stats over time, big numbers, etc. But the data was only for one season, so I had to scrap that idea.

Then I thought back to a viz by Andras Szesztai that I was shown last week. His viz is about NBA basketball team spending by season, and it includes stats like the lowest, highest, and average payroll. He then has a mark on the viz for the salary cap.

I took his concept and applied it to the team and player stats. I included the minimum, maximum, and average for the team for each stat (like Andras did for each season). I then included a dot for the player selected. This allows you to see how the play compares within the team as a whole. So I got to include a player card of sorts after all!

Lastly, I made it mobile friendly because it seemed to make more sense to scroll down the viz vs. laying them out in a grid.

Check it out!

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