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November 17, 2022

How to Create a 3 Level Scatterplot Drilldown

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If you want to drilldown multiple levels in a scatterplot, this tip is for you. In this tip, I show you have to create a 3 level drilldown with a scatterplot.

Naturally after I showed how to create a 3 level bar chart drilldown, someone immediately asked how to do it with a scatterplot. Unlike the bar chart drilldown, the scatterplot will only show you marks for the current level. 

For example:

  1. When I’m at the highest level, I see only regions.
  2. When I drill down one level, I only see States within the Region selected
  3. When I drill down one more level, I only see postal codes that are within the region and state I selected.

This example shows you how to drill down from Region to State to Postal Code. To use this for yourself:

  1. Download the workbook
  2. Copy all of the calculations into your workbook
  3. Swap out the dimensions

Note that you will need to recreate the sets and set actions. This will work with any combination of 3 dimensions.

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