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January 31, 2023

How to Calculate Day over Day Change Excluding Weekends

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In a previous tip, I showed you how to calculate day over day change and build 3 KPI cards.

However, this does not cover the case when you need to ignore weekends. In this #Tableau tip, I show you how to calculate daily change excluding the weekends.

You can copy/paste the calculations from below the video. Enjoy and good luck!


  1. Latest Day
    {MAX([Order Date])}

  2. Weekday for Latest Day
    DATEPART('weekday',[1. Latest Day])

  3. Sales for Latest Day
    INT([Order Date]=[1. Latest Day])*[Sales]

  4. Previous Day
    IF [2. Weekday for Latest Day]=2
    THEN [1. Latest Day]-3
    ELSE [1. Latest Day]-1

  5. Sales for Previous Day
    INT([Order Date]=[4. Previous Day])*[Sales]

  6. DoD Change
    SUM([3. Sales for Latest Day])-SUM([5. Sales for Previous Day])

  7. DoD Change %
    [6. DoD Change]/SUM([5. Sales for Previous Day])

  8. Positive Change
    [7. DoD Change %]>0

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