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September 27, 2015

Dear Data Two | Week 23: Being Nice(r)

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I had finally caught up on all of the Dear Data Two postcards, then this extremely difficult topic came up. The problem isn’t necessarily the topic itself, but the data collection. How the heck do you collect data about being nice?

My initial thought was to do a word analysis for Tweets and emails, but that didn’t interest me much. I considered tracking every time I said something nice to someone, but that would be a data collection nightmare.

Instead, I settled on a simple list of some of the people I’m closest to and ways that I can be nicer to them. I borrowed heavily from Giorgia’s categorisation. From there I thought I would create tree-like structures for each person, but when I sent a sample to Jeffrey, his first comment was:
Wow. This looks really awesome. Antenna charts.
So deflated! But drawing the trees meant adding a lot of rows to the dataset…maybe this was a blessing in disguise. I decided to go with the antenna charts idea and straightened out the branches. The Tableau part was pretty simple, since it’s really just a game of “connect the dots”. The tough part was transforming this onto a postcard given my limited drawing skills.

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