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September 14, 2015

Dear Data Two | Week 22: Our Past

The topic for week 22 of Dear Data Two was our past. I immediately knew what I wanted to create in Tableau, and that was a visual resume (which you can view here). The inspiration for the resume comes from Ben Jones, who showed me his resume built in Tableau a couple years ago before he started working at Tableau.

From there, I started working on a couple of different draft versions of my postcard for Jeffrey. I thought I had settled on one and I showed it to my wife. When I asked for her impressions, she thought it was strange how I had stuff going left and right; she thought left looked negative and right positive, so in the final version I incorporated her feedback.

Data collection was pretty straight forward. I used:
  • LinkedIn for the dates of my professional history
  • Blogger for the dates when I started my various blogs
  • The rest was by memory (or what is left of it)
From there, I simply plugged all of the dates into Tableau, categorized them, and built the resume in Tableau.


  1. Andy - thanks - as always for the great post. I am assuming that the data takes the format of:
    Description (name of school, location, job)
    Type (blogging, career, education, etc)
    Start Date
    End Date

    And then I suspect a calculated Duration as well so you could get the gantt chart lengths.

    Just curious if you also included a record count as part of each field? I could see using the types to do some interesting viz work on how much time spent in each vocation.

    1. Matt, you can get the spreadsheet here -

    2. Thanks - that helped a bunch. Two questions (aren't there always :-) ):
      1. Date range is obviously a calculated field - are you also sorting on this field? I am right now - but it's doing it at the cell level
      2. To get the endpoints for the lollipops - I know I need a calculated field - am I doing that with duration?

    3. Matt, have you downloaded the workbook? It's all right there for you to see how I built it.

  2. Hey Andy, where can I download your workbook for this resume format?

    1. Click on the picture. That will bring up the Tableau workbook. Hit the download button.