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September 8, 2015

Tableau Tip Tuesday: Sorting Marks on a Map

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Hashu Shenkar from the Data School was rehearsing his Alteryx/Tableau demo this morning and showed us a simple map like this:

One of the problems with maps like this is that the sorting defaults to the data source order, which is this case is the zip code.

What I want the map to do is bring the highest and lowest values to the front. When I look at the sort options on the zip code dimension, I can choose Profit in descending order.

Choosing that only bring the positive values for profit to the front.

To get the positive and negative outliers to the front, I need to create a simple calculated field on Profit that returns the absolute value.

Then in the sort for zip code, choose this measure.

And now you can clearly see the outliers for your map.

If you really want to see the outliers to pop, make one small adjustment to the colour scale. Change it to a palette that has white in the middle of the range.

Download the workbook used to create from Tableau Public here.

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