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July 11, 2023

#MakeoverMonday 2023 Week 28 - Global Passport Rankings

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This week's data set only contained one measure, two years, and country names. This meant that I had to focus on charts that help visualize comparisons.

I created:

  1. Grouped bar chart
  2. Bar in bar chart
  3. Grouped bar chart with a gantt bar for the difference
  4. Diverging bar chart
  5. Histogram
  6. Butterfly chart
  7. Barbell chart
  8. Scatter plot
  9. Slope graph
  10. Trellis chart
  11. Jittered bar chart

Wow. I didn't realize I had tried so many chart types. No wonder the hour went by so quickly.

I didn't love any of the charts, so I went with the one that I thought was the best of the bunch. Check it out below the video.

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