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July 25, 2023

The Big Thaw: Exploring the Disappearing Antarctic Sea Ice

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For week 30, we revisited a topic from 2018 week 15 - Arctic sea ice extent. During watch me viz, I focused on rebuilding:

  1. Visualizations from chapter 12 of the Makeover Monday book that showed how to add context to visualizations
  2. Several of the vizzes from 2018 week 15, each with their own unique take on the data
  3. The original viz by The Guardian
In the end, I created 13 visualizations before settling on the viz most similar to the original. There were some great questions today on the livestream. Thank you for that.

When you watch this video, you will definitely learn something new. You'll also learn a lot about how I think through problems when I run into them.

Enjoy! Click on the image below the viz to interact or click here.

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