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January 10, 2018

Workout Wednesday: Fiscal Date Running Sum

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With Rody Zakovich and Luke Stanke taking over Workout Wednesday this year (see the new Workout Wednesday website for the challenges), I think we're in for some quite extensive learning this year. I likely won't be able to participate every week; I will when I have time though.

This week, Rody posted a challenge that required calculating the running total of sales based on a parameter that determines the fiscal month.

My Thoughts

  • Fiscal dates suck; they are way too hard to work with in Tableau (this was my first time ever using them)
  • The calculations are quite straightforward. I figure out what I needed to do by building a table of dates first, then creating the calcs.
  • Getting the x-axis formatting correct took me the most time.
  • It's way more fun issuing the pain of these challenges than it is to receive the pain.

Overall, a fun challenge and I hope to never see fiscal dates again. Click on the image below for the interactive version.

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